Learn how James won without a lawyer & how YOU can too

In 2001, James Christianson was blindsided and dragged into family court. Seven (7) months later, he had full custody of his 7-month-old daughter even though:

  1. James had to represent himself.
  2. the mother had a lawyer with 17 years’ experience, then another with 50 years.
  3. James had no legal education and was a warehouse worker who flunked out of college.

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Since getting full custody, James:

  1. worked with several parents’ rights organizations such as DADS America and The Other Parent.
  2. started his own advocacy, working with fathers, mothers and grandparents who had lawyers or represented themselves.
  3. worked with nearly 300 dads who also got full custody without a lawyer and thousands more who got 50/50 or better deals after they fired their attorney
  4. James has worked with several dads and moms who put on their own “pro se” trials that lasted 1, 2, 4 and days.
  5. from 2001-2020, James was regularly in and out of family court in his own case. He has seen it all. There are 1,100+ documents in James’ own file. (The typical hotly contested divorce has 150 to 200).
  6. James fought off 7 bogus attempts at restraining orders, defended contempt, dealt with modifications of the parenting plan and child support and won 2 out of 5 trips to the Court of Appeals (most attorneys don’t ever do appeals at all).

James KNOWS what you’re going through because he has been there himself (unlike your attorney who probably doesn’t care about your plight or can’t empathize). If you don’t believe that James won in court, that’s fine. You should ALWAYS question everything and verify. Click the page “Proof of James’ Wins” and see his Final Parenting Plan, his very first attempt at a Contempt Motion, his two wins in the Court of Appeals and more.

Then decide where to go from here. Your options are:

  1. watch James’ free videos here on YouTube (link) and Instagram (link) (there is literally $50,000 worth of information, as it would cost, if an attorney was sharing this content with you – but attorneys won’t ever tell a dad these things). Click
  2. purchase packets of winning documents on this page that have worked for James and 100’s of other parents.
  3. purchase how-to videos in James’ online store.
  4. get a 1 on 1 consult with James. RATE : $60 flat fee for up to 1 hour. if you need to go over , then $1/min. thereafter for as long as you want. To schedule an appointment click tab at the top of this page or use contact info at bottom.
  5. or all of the above, if you so choose, of course.

If you want a 1 on 1 consult with James or want to purchases winning document packets or purchase how-to videos in several categories, or all of the above. Click one of the links below to get started, or skim through this site and learn more details about James.