A consultation with James can be on the phone, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime or any other video conferencing that you are comfortable with. Whether you have an attorney or want to represent yourself, you’ll learn more with James than you ever have from any lawyer. And you’ll learn about how James got on the offensive and how many of his clients demanded aggressive action from their lawyers.

All you have to do is simply text my cell phone, call or email to find out a time that works for both of us. I charge a flat fee of $60 which covers up to an hour (most people use more than that). If you need to go over then you can do as long as you want and will be charged $1 minute thereafter. So, if you end up talking 1 hr and 20 minutes, then the total cost for the call is $80. I don’t ask for another flat fee after the 1st hour. Again, if you are hesitant, or worry about me being a con artist, then that’s good! You should be suspicious of ANYONE in this corrupt industry. But, all you need to do is go to the “Proof of James’ Wins” page on this site and see that I won over and over without a lawyer. See the rulings. Look at the signature pages and you will sometimes see the mother, her attorney and a GAL along with my lone signature. I was often outnumbered 3 to 1….but that’s 4 to 1 if you consider corrupt judges.

In preparation for our phone call, the most important thing I need you to know is the details of any court orders in place. We start there. Some people are tempted to tell me the whole history of the case. I don’t need all that to help you. It actually is a waste of your time and money to do so. If I was a con artist, I’d let you talk all day then charge you for more time. But, I get down to what’s important. Remember, I’ve been doing this since 2001, so I know a little something about what we need to talk about to move forward. Going back to when you were first high school sweethearts and what your favorite movies were has no relevance. And most of the drama leading up to a restraining order, arrest or court filing is often irrelevant also.

We just need to start with your court orders.

Other documents you should want handy are any sworn statement from the other side. This would include an original petition to start your case, any motions and declarations/affidavits.

That’s it. Have your court orders and as many sworn statements ready (or know them real well) and we can talk about all the resources and answers you need to fight this battle the right way, like I did and like 1,000’s of my clients did (men, women and grandparents).

The fast way to reach me and schedule a time is a text message. But, you can call or email at the contact info at bottom of page.

Look forward to talking with you and you learning about getting on the offensive and how to stop getting railroaded and being a doormat. And if you decide to keep an attorney, you’ll learn about how to light a fire under their lazy behind if they are moving to slow or too scared to fight for you.