James’ how-to videos are available at his online store here .

Each video is 1 to 3 hours long and is cheaper than a 1on1 consultation with James. He talks about, in detail, how he figured out, on his own, how to find answers and do certain things to win. Each video is rich with detailed content about a given specific topic, such as:

  • The 4 basics for beginners — where to even start
  • Every step James took to win contempt or defend contempt (two sepate videos)
  • How James defended against 7 bogus attempts at restraining orders
  • How James objects to inadmissible evidence under the ER (Rules of Evidence)
  • How James does statute and case law research
  • How James won  in the Court of Appeals more than once, against an attorney with 40+ years experience
  • How James argued to get 5 days per week visitation and how he argues for and got full custody
  • How James did discovery (questionnaires) and how a deposition should be done (the #1 weapon / tool in court)

…. and much more.

The videos go hand in hand with some of James’ packets in the store. For example, James has a video on trial prep in which he TALKS about preparing for trial and writing briefs and assembling a trial notebook. But, he also has a packet with sample trial briefs and a picture of a finished trial notebook and documents that go in there such as a witness list, exhibit list and an ER objections “cheat sheet”.

Or, for another example, James talks in one video about going for custody, 50/50 or just getting some visitation. But, he also has a packet of a Motion tof Temporary Parenting Plan with all of his written arguments and justifications for a father being involved. He also has another packet with samples of parenting plans. Just learning the language and the formatting and the spirit of James’ arguments is priceless. When you combine James’ videos with the documents, you are saving $1,000’s from what an attorney would charge — but an attorney won’t even attempt to give you this info.