#2 ORDER – James’ 1st temporary visitation order (TRANSCRIPT)




This is actually the TRANSCRIPT from the hearing in case anyone wants to see how I won, even fumbling and bumbling through. You can see the Judge’s ruling in the last few pages and her rebuke of the mom. She had words for both of us because there was so much conflict (but it only takes 1 to make it).

Notice the Judge opens up “This is a revision of commissioner ruling”. I tried to get visitation in front of a family law commissioner. I got ZERO in front of Comm Pro Tem Deborah Bianco. I filed a Motion for Revision (I have a packet to do that below). I got 5 days/week visits here. You can see in the next order #3 that mom was found in contempt of Judge Barnett’s 6/1/2001 order. (in Section 2.3 of the Contempt Order). So, I put the transcript up here instead of the visitation order because I don’t have it handy right now and again, you can see it mentioned in the contempt.

This is all about me trying and losing, trying and getting frustrated, trying and figuring things out on the fly. I had no one like me helping me. At this point in time, I literally knew 1% of the info I know now… or else I would have had this done by mid-April instead of June 1 that year.

James’ 10-min video explaining this products in this store:


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