#3 ORDER – James getting mom found in contempt




On my 1st try in 2001, during the initial custody battle, I got the mother: (1) found in contempt, (2) ordered to give me make up time, (3) ordered to pay me $250 in sanctions, (4) walking out of the court room crying.

I humiliated the mom, her lawyer Mark Livas who has 17 years experience by that time. I also made the GAL Megan O’Brien Stanley (a man hater) look stupid in court too. So, I was facing 2 lawyers, the mom and had to pursuade the court. And back then I literally knew 1% of what I know now. I still didn’t really know how to research case law that well. Had no case law on contempt which would have helped. But, I won and won thoroughly. Originally the mom Sederis W. Wright scheduled and UNNECESSARY SURGERY for our daughter on the original court hearing, so I agreed to push it out. That’s why the hearing was months after the violations. Turned out, the child didn’t need the surgery (I can write a book about that experience too).

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