#4 ORDER – Mom’s 2nd case thrown out!!! (TRANSCRIPT) & blasting GAL




This is a transcript of the court THROWING OUT the mother’s Obection to Relocation case. Three (3) years after I got custody we wer ein court as the mother objected to me moving 30 miles from Seattle to Tacoma area…. she lived 1,000 miles away in Los Angeles. This hearing was to determine if the case stayed alive. I got on the offensive and humilated everyone involved. The GAL who came on board was all for the mother. I actually did get a lawyer at this time but he let me write and do all the paperwork and prep him for the hearing….1 of only 4 attorneys I ever liked.

So, this trancript is even better than the order because on page 12, the judge (commissioner) compliments my writing. First he compliments my lawyer but my lawyer admits it was my work, so the judge/comm. said I should go to law school.

Then notice in pages 23 – 26:

(1) the court says the mother is disingenuous and she attacks me in a disturbing way

(2) the GAL is found to be unreliable (because I attacked the GAL and ripped her apart)

(3) I’m awarded a dismissal and attorney fees and the mother is totally slammed and he entire side looks stupid.

THIS is the result of being on the offensive against wicked evil people. If I didn’t get that aggressive, then I would not have exposed them and the court would not have ruled so harshly against the mom and GAL or I may not have won anything.

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