#5 ORDER – James’ winning reversal in the Court of Appeals




My judge violated the law and I got him overturned and reversed — and HUMILIATED and then I emailed everyone in the courthouse, all staff, all judges as to how pathetic this subhuman piece of garbage Judge James Edwin Rogers of King County Superior Court is.

Most attorneys don’t even try to do appeals. I went up there by myself and faced an attorney with about 47 years experience, who stayed on the case a few more years until he retired with 50. First I did 3 motions for reconsideration to give my judge a chance to fix it. He didn’t care. So, I went up above him and got him overturned on a child support issue — he refused to make the mother pay daycare and medical, which is mandatory for all parents. Took me about 1.5 years because I dragged my feet and took my sweet time. But, in the end I showed that anyone can do this if they read the law and follow it and have the gall to fight for justice.

James’ 10-min video explaining the products in this store:


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