Declaration Templates (in lieu of affidavit)




Here’s my YouTube video explaining an overview of all these packets:
In family court, most of the time, witnesses write Declarations instead of testifying in person. Most people don’t know where to start or how to write them up or even where to get a template.

The courts usually accept a declaration without a notary’s verification (it would be an “Affidavit” if it gets notarized). So decs are used “in lieu of” affidavits. This packet has dec templates I send to witnesses to write up: (1) one to type, (2) one set up to hand write, (3) another is a cover sheet for professionals, like a therapist who types up a letter (still needs to be verified under oath with this coversheet. (4) Declaration of mailing — proof of service when I serve by mail. In the 1st one (to type up), I left some of the language in there, with formatting to quote a text message… to give someone an idea of one common way that content is written….although there’s a million options for a witness to tell his/her story.


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