Defending against Protection/Restraining Orders




I fought off 7 different attempts at anti-harassment restraining orders against me. This packet includes arguments against domestic violence allegations. There are a dozen quotes from lawyers and bar associations and other specialists who admit that DVPO’s, protection orders, restraining orders (all pretty much the same thing) are abused for leverage in custody battles. I provide an article of a Seattle newspaper’s investigation of how the court’s emergency restraining order system is abused. This article also quotes judges and lawyers. There’s a sample Motion to Quash that I’ve used to quash or terminate the emergency order before the full return or “show cause” hearing even happens, and much more. Another packet that would cost at least $2,500 for an attorney to gather all this info for your and make these arguments. But, most cowardly attorneys would never attempt these strategies since they are all in on it.

My video explaining all of these videos:


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