Motion for CR 11 Sanctions (frivolous action)




Civil Rule 11 says that anytime a lawyer or party signs a document, that signature guarantees that the document: (1) was written in good faith, (2) is grounded in facts and has a legal purpose, (3) was not brought with the intent to harass, burden, embarass or delay the other party.

This is violated all the time! So, I file requests for CR 11 sanctions all the time because the rule itself says that the lawyer or litigant can be sanctioned for violating CR 11…. Most states adopted the FEDERAL courts’ Civil Rule 11. Some states just have laws or rules of procedure that prevent people from filing frivolous court actions and abusing the process. There’s a bunch of case law in this packet about abusive litigation and great language about an attorney’s obligation to make sure no one is lying or trying to falsely manipulate the system (we all know they do it all the time). Just the language, tone and essence of what’s in here… you won’t get it anywhere else. Even if you don’t do a CR 11 motion, there’s something that everyone can get out of this to use in oral arguments or demand letters too.
Here is my video explaining all of these packets in general:


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