Motion for Reconsideration




Most states have a Civil Rule 59 or if you google “(your state) civil rules reconsideration” you’ll find it, if it’s under a different number or in the law. When a judge, or in Washington even when a family law commissioner, makes an order and I’m not happy with it, I ask them to reconsider their decision based upon the rule…if “substantial justice was not done”….or “clerical error” … or “prejudice” by the court….or any of the other factors in CR 59. This packet has one motion sample and my notes that include case law in Washington State on how the Court of Appeals honors when someone does 2 or 3 reconsiderations in a row. My judge said I’m only allowed one. But, he’s an idiot and made up his own rule… I did this research and it’s included in my notes here.

Here is my video with an overall explanation of these packets:


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